Der Knüller 2013

Paper | 110 min. | Photoautomat Moritzplatz Berlin

I sit in the photo machine and change the volume of 2500 Din A4 sheets.
I feed the machine non-stop with coins
and it ejects an uninterrupted supply of passport photos.

d d d

Photo by Michi Muchina



Dreammachine 2013

paper, stamp | 180 min. | Moscow Museum of modern art (MMOMA) Russia


Photos by Sergey Kaminski

untiteled (sit down) 2012

Videoinstallation | loop | Studio Berlin/Brandenburg



untiteled (walk) 2012

Videoinstallation | loop | Studio Berlin/Brandenburg




Transition of volume2012

paper | 150 min. | Gallery Masterskaya St. Petersburg Russia


Photos by Eugen von Arb

stack of paper | re-used paper from Performance "Transition of volume" | 21 x 30 x 155 cm

Photos by Patrick Timm

Sculpture learns to walk 2011

stack of paper | 210 min. | Moscow Museum of modern art (MMOMA) Russia


I am standing on a stack of paper ...
10 000 pieces ...
The stak like a podium ...
I like a skulpture ...

With my feets i take away sheet by sheet.
Slowly the podium disappears and the skulpture learn to walk.


Photos by Nickolai Ryutin

Question of mobility 2009

rope | 150 min. | Gallery Tor111 Berlin Germany

An embrace is limited in time.
An embrace includes enclosure and release.

My action ignores the release of the embrace.
Through a sensual process, contacts become the inability to act.
I no longer have any freedom of movement.
I become dependent on a structure
that constrains and simultaneously holds me.


Photos by Karins Schroeder

Exhibitionview "Sommer der Umarmung" Gallery Tor111 Berlin Germany

Photo by Kati Gausmann