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Serie von 20 Fotografien aus Hong Kong
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Kitty in hello russia

Fotografie Rußland 2016



Intervention in Vienna 2015

Photo by Alexandra Muhm


Lemon one is calling

Intervention in Vienna 2015



Photo by Alexandra Muhm


Thai Police Cop

Intervention in Hong Kong 2013

Photo by Wolfgang Krause


Mein Alltag in Bangkok. 2013

Jeden Morgen kaufe ich für 25 Baht 1.000.000 Dollar.
Im Laufe des Tages, stempel ich die Scheine und verwandle sie in PATTE DOLLAR.
Am Abend verschenke ich das Geld auf der Strasse.





Postwurf in der Stone Nullah Lane, Wanchai Hong Kong 2013


Früher war in der Stone Nullah Lane ein Kanal. Nun plant die Stadtregierung,
in der Strasse einen natürlichen Wasserfallpark anzulegen. Vom Aberdeen Waterreservoir wird ein Zweigkanal
bis unterhalb des Tempels unterirdisch angelegt. Das, durch den Tempel geweihte,
Wasser wird über Natursteintreppen bis zur Queensroad East geführt.
Das Denkmal "Blaues Haus" bekommt seinen Vorgarten.
Der geweihte Wasserfall wird Besucher aus ganz Asien anlocken,
um aus dem Jungbrunnen zu trinken.


Commercial up side down

Intervention in Seoul 2013

Photo by Hee Hyang Lee

Schoolfriends Lee & Lee

Intervention in Hong Kong 2013


untiteled (meeting) 2013

Object: Anna Myga Kasten, action: Patrick Timm | 120 min. shooting | beach Hamburg Germany


Photo by Anna Myga Kasten

Tyre 2012

tyre, chalk | 200 min. | Hamburg Germany


I find on the footpath in front of the Hamburger Kunstverein a tyre.
I set it up and it fall over.
I draw the outline with chalk.
The process repeats a few times,
afte a while it become a drawing.

Photo by Patrick Timm

pictures for driving licence

Wind break 2012

plastic bag, rope | 120 min. | Brankov Most Belgrade Serbia


Photo by Patrick Timm


Whats up with these numbers ? 2012

Research | Mainstation Belgrade Serbia




Moscow 06 02 04 | Mumbai 1 07 06 | Madrid 11 03 0 | London 07 07 05 | Paris 5 7 5 |



The numbers under the citynames are dates of bomb attacks in publik spaces and metrosystems. Some of the numbers just fall down.


Mumbai 10th july 2006
London 7th july 2005
Madrid 11th march 2004
Moscow 6th februrary 2004
Paris 25th july 1995


In memory of the victims

Photos by Patrick Timm

circles ( pearl necklace) 2012

chalk on promenade | Belgrade Serbia


Photo by Patrick Timm

to conquer 2012

series of action | 240 min. | Savamala Belgrade Serbia


Photo by Taro Furukata, Daniela Gugg

Miroslav, seamann and me | Miroslav was the modell for the seamann | 53. Oktobersalon Belgrade Serbia

Photo by Senja Vild

Thermalsee 2009

series of actions | Bad Gastein Austria

To boost the economy, a thermal lake will be created in Gastein Valley as from 2015. In the northern part of the valley a retaining dam will block off the lake, which will be 40 kilometres long. Summer tourism will retain the old glory of the Empire years. After the project has been completed, Bad Gastein will be a lakeside town with coastal promenades, sailing schools and sandy beaches. The reopening of the old congress centre will integrate a water sports centre with diving school, aquarium, underwater cinema-theatre and a harbour for excursion boats. The Faculty of Marine Biology Waikiki/Hawaii will open a branch here to investigate flora and fauna in geothermal water.

Warm geothermal water guarantees subtropical underwater life including corals, dolphins and terrapins. The new open-air thermal swimming pool with water slides and diving towers will be at the foot of the Grand Hotel de l´ Europe. The massive concentration of geothermal water will make the whole of the Gastein Valley famous as a fountain of youth. Bad Gastein will experience a new boom period, the effects of which will be felt all over Europe.


Flyer 5000pcs. distributed in Gastein

New map of Gastein

Junge komm bald wieder ....


Cuttling boat : PATTEIST

Performance in public space of Bad Gastein | 90 min.


TAB | papier mâché | insatallation at Kongesscentre| 50 x 150 x 150 cm

Orange elephants 2007-09

series of actions | Lauttasaari-Helsinki Finland


There are orange elephants in Lauttasaari.
An old lady saw them last Sunday during a walk trough nature protection area in the south of the island.
The elephant issue is already being discussed in the city administration:
Where are they from? Should we consider them as part of the nature protection area?
Bring them to the zoo or better leave them on the island?
Scientists say that only due to climate change can the elephants survive in the nordic climate of Finland.
It is also the reason for their orange colour.

Text: junk mail in Lauttasaari 2007


l: Souvenier, r: Souvenier-trader 2007

l: piolot, r: Rikschaw 2008

l: stone carved elephant, r: fly a flag l 2009

Photo by Nastija Eliseeva & Rainer Koch

Wanna Euro...!? 2010

A relief operation by Patrick Timm

The German saying: "The rouble’s rolling!" can be traced back to prodigal dealings in a good economic climate.
Media headlines read: "The rouble has stopped rolling!". And so now, in the age of financial crisis,
I am getting the Euro rolling. I go from bank to bank and attempt to donate a Euro.
In "good" times, major companies, banks and the state sponsor cultural projects.
I turn the tables, and with my art project I support banks in Friedrichstrasse with one Euro in exchange for a donation receipt.


Photos by Jonathan Gröger


contribution receipt from Comerzbank

Golden stones 2009-10

series of action | Vilnius Lithuania

I once heard a legend about Vilnius.
Therefore, it was customary in medieval times
that visitors and traders who came into the city,
an entry had to pay. There was no money required, but stones.
Stones: to build the city walls and streets of Vilnius.


Performance | 180 min. | 2009

Photos by Vitalijus Strigunkovas


Mauergold | papier mâché | insatallation | 50 x 200 x 700 cm | 2010

Photo by Patrick Timm


Performance | 120 min. | 2010

Photos by Jörg Broksch

Kulturelle Identitäten | Performance | öffentlicher Raum | Maschinen | Zeichen